ECREEE’s global campaign on Youth Empowerment in Energy receives patronage from the First Lady of Cabo Verde

February 16, 2015 | By
Vera Monteiro



The First Lady of Cabo, Her Excellency Mrs Ligia Lubrino Fonseca, on Friday, 13 February 2015, accepted to be the patroness of the global campaign on Youth Empowerment in Energy. This was during a meeting held at the Presidential Palace with ECREEE’s staff: Ms. Monica Maduekwe, Ms. Vera Monteiro and Ms. Salett Nogueira.

At the meeting, Ms. Maduekwe, the Programme Coordinator of the ECOWAS Programme on Gender Mainstreaming in Energy Access (ECOW-GEN), gave a presentation on the programme and its five initiatives, highlighting the importance of a global campaign to raise awareness of the gender and energy related barriers hindering women and girls from exploiting their full potential in the energy sector.

Speaking further on the campaign, Ms. Monteiro, the programme’s communications specialist, noted that the initiative aimed at strengthening and empowering young women, in particular, to actively contribute to and participate in energy development, particularly for West Africa where more than half of the population do not have access to energy.

The campaign, which would also feature an online competition targeting the youth, would be launched in the first week of March. The campaign is being implemented under the Youth Leadership Development in Energy initiative which works to build up the capacity of young men and women to lead energy transformations in the ECOWAS region.

More information on this initiative is available at

Mrs. Fonseca, a strong advocate for social equity in Cabo Verde, commended ECREEE for establishing such an ambitious programme and campaign, adding that these were sure to yield positive results in the region and beyond. The First Lady also expressed her interest to learn more about ECREEE’s other projects and activities in the region and to meet with the rest of the staff at the ECREEE Secretariat.

3 thoughts on “ECREEE’s global campaign on Youth Empowerment in Energy receives patronage from the First Lady of Cabo Verde

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  2. CBrigham

    Energy and development go together hand in hand. Adding women empowerment to the equation will only boost the development of Africa! This is a great iniative! Congrats!

    1. Vera Monteiro Post author

      Hello Carla

      Thank you and we are glad to receive this comment from you.We believe that by joining efforts to increase access to energy services through actions that promote equality and social inclusion would help to promote Sustainable Energy Development. Women must be strongly encouraged and engaged, to be active parties in decisions-making for the energy sector.
      They should gain skills and opportunity to compete on equal terms in the energy sector as developers, suppliers and strategists, to help support the reduction of energy poverty, which mainly affects women, children and others vulnerable groups.
      The integration of gender in access to energy is essential for the success and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
      Contribute and join us in this journey to develop gender-focused activities in the sector.


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