African Women’s Day: A Message from the Executive Director of ECREEE

July 31, 2015 | By

Today we celebrate women, our African Women,MK

Our mothers,



Today we celebrate them for the struggles they have overcome to being recognized as:




And peacemakers in Africa.

Echoing the African Union’s declaration that Women’s Empowerment and Development must be at the center of Africa’s Agenda, today we celebrate the African Women’s Day.

Over the years, African women have often received the short end of the stick, lagging behind their male counterparts in almost every socio-economic indicator.

Critical factors, such as lack of access to finance, legal and regulatory barriers, and the lack of appropriate education and technical skills have served to hinder women’s full participation as significant agents for economic development.

Despite these odds, either through sheer determination or some secret formula we men must learn about, women have gained grounds in the political and economic arena. Therefore, imagine how much they could achieve if all barriers to equality are eliminated.

At ECREEE we are committed to doing just that – eliminating barriers and challenges to women’s economic empowerment.

And we invite the rest of the world to join us, as we celebrate our women.

Happy African Women’s day.

 Mahama Kappiah,
Executive Director 
ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

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