Alliance for Rural Electrification ready to tap into West African market

November 1, 2019 | By
Chinedu Nweze

Communications and Marketing Manager for Alliance for Rural Electrification, Ling Ng, said the company is ready to tap into the West African market in the energy sector.

Alliance for Rural Electrification is a Belgium based business that works mainly in Francophone West Africa in the energy.  

According to the communications and marketing officer this year the company has been active in Togo and Ivory Coast  and they are happy to be in Ghana for the just ended third ECOWAS sustainable energy forum.   

“Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) is a viable partner to help us tap into the West African region.  

In an interview Ling Ng noted that Alliance for Rural Electrification is a business platform that brings together members, as they have over one hundred and thirty members, and work in Asia and Latin America. 

“One of the reasons why people come to such conferences is to mobilize the private sector in the energy sector, we have seen a good network of people from Europe and around the world, again we have worked with EU funded programmes”. 

She also expressed her company’s readiness to meet with the local business in the sector, meet potential investors and address challenges they face in the sector. 

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