ECOW-GEN – An Institutional Empowerment Program of ECOWAS

February 24, 2015 | By
Vera Monteiro

capture3_720The promotion of equal opportunities and the elimination of all forms of discrimination as it relates to energy poverty are the key elements of the ECOW-GEN program.

A condition for the economic growth of countries translates into less poverty and greater prosperity and social justice is to improve the relative position of women and other discriminated groups in society and increase their chance of access to services, products and employment in order that they can achieve decent livelihood for themselves and for their families. Poverty is directly related to the levels and patterns of accessibility of goods, services and employment, as well as inequality and discrimination in society. In addition, the different forms of discrimination are strongly associated with the phenomenon of social exclusion that lead to poverty and are responsible for the various types of vulnerability that create additional barriers for women to overcome poverty.

Genders, besides the race are very important factors in determining the different possibilities of individuals to have access to a job and their working conditions: salaries, benefits and social welfare possibilities. Thus, gender and race influence the way in which individuals and families experience the situation of poverty and can or not overcome it.

Poverty eradication through equal access to resources and equal contribution to the decision- making processes that shape and influence energy expansion has been considered a top priority to build fairer societies and is an increasing recognition that the causes and conditions of poverty are different for men and women.

Therefore, efforts should be made so that the needs of women are considered explicitly and effectively into poverty reduction strategies and the generation of employment and income policies, ensuring that women may have had incentives through the funding and training activities that supports the establishment and expansion of women-led energy businesses, productivity in their activities through the use of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, facilitating knowledge and technology transfer among them with expertise in various energy technologies, empowering women with access to clean and moderns forms of energy, so as to allow important inputs in production and consequently the development and economic growth.

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