Frequently Asked Questions on ECOW-GEN Facility

What is the limit I can apply for?

  • About 50,000 EURO to 70,000 EURO

Do we have to make our applications in English?

  • You can apply in any of the three ECOWAS Languages (English, French and Portuguese)

 What is the deadline for submitting an application?

  • 31 December 2015

Is it possible for my company to submit an application under one category and also be a partner under another lead applicant’s proposal under the same category?

  • Yes, you may submit as a lead applicant and be identified as a partner in an application for the same component. However, kindly note that the projects must be different projects.

Can I submit an application for all of the ECOW-GEN Facility components?

  • Yes, you can.

Is an organization expected to have conducted a Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) prior to the application for this facility?

  • We expect a preliminary assessment to show that the proposed project will not lead to any adverse effect.

Are institutions from outside of the ECOWAS permitted to bid, on the condition that the institution has an established bank account at a registered ECOWAS Region financial institution?

  • Institutions from outside the region can apply for the Facility if they do so in partnership with ECOWAS institutions (public or private).

For the trainer component of the Women’s Technical Exchange Program, should co-financing be the same as other the components (i.e. 15 – 30% co-finance from project promoter)?

  • The condition of 15 -30% cofinancing in monetary terms does not apply to this component. Applicants’ contribution may be in-kind, with less than 15% financial contributions.

Apart from our previous experiences, what are the other relevant criteria when evaluating training proposals?

  • In addition to experience, evaluators will be looking at the business case for the training activity and the soundness of the overall proposal. Please look at section 6 of the RFP and Project Priority Criteria under that section for further information available at

As we are a small organisation that is 100% funded by grants, we are unable to contribute any funds towards the project ourselves. Can you please let us know if we would still be considered if we did not contribute any of our own funding towards this project?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot advise that you submit a proposal without any financial contribution from your side. As mentioned in the request for proposal, we want the project promoters to have a sense of ownership, having made some reasonable monetary commitments.

Please can you confirm whether funds from another project can be counted as the financial contribution towards the project?

  • Yes, it can be considered.

Can ECREEE provide technical support in the development of my project proposal?

  • Unfortunately we cannot provide that sort of support under this call.

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