Satlatena Gas: LPG distribution in Nigeria

November 14, 2019 | By
Chinedu Nweze

Mrs Ebele Sophia Imite-Uka is the CEO and co-founder of Satlatena Gas Ltd, a distributor for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for residential and commercial purposes in Rivers state Nigeria, is one of the woman champions that had a pitching Session at the just concluded African Investment Forum (AIF) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mrs Ebele Sophia Imite-Uka

During her presentation, she informed the audience that her company has vast experience in sales, maintenance and installation of gas cylinders and accessories and also offers sensitization and trainings on the use and management of LPG.

She explained that the reason for venturing into the business was borne out of the need to provide LPG options for people that live in rural areas. This, she said will avail them the more refined means of cooking their food rather than using more harmful means such as firewood and charcoal.

She further stated that the distribution of these LPG product to the rural communities has bridged the gap in the challenges of the common man in the village having to transport the bulky gas cylinders to the gas stations which are mainly situated in the city and urban areas. This she said has been an effective income generation strategy for the business.

She indicated that her company intends to mount a gas plant in a location which has about 3 million people living around the environs, hence providing this clean energy option for the rural populace in that area.

In conclusion, she said the company is sourcing for funds, so as to scale up their LPG business which will in turn provide job opportunities especially for women in a male dominated terrain for the people in that region.

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