#StandTall: Creating Gender diversity in Energy

April 15, 2015 | By

The Energy sector is tackling a wide range of importance of keeping lights on helping consumers reduce Energy waste and building a more sustainable low carbon future. Industry competitiveness relies on diverse pool of Talents capable of bringing fresh perspectives. Yet, recent research published by the Global Energy Commission shows that on average, only ten percent (10%) of women works in the technical part of the energy sector. The global energy sector has been under performing for the past fifteen years. The lack of gender diversity in technical leadership teams is holding back innovations. It is very shocking because just ten percent of the executive board of members of the energy sector are women.

There are many causes of these gender divide in the energy sector with men being dominant. Research shows that fear and inferiority complex are the main causes as women feels less important; having doubts whether or not they will be successful in the energy sector. It is believed that women are the weaker gender and shouldn’t take part in essential social activities. Also women fears that they may not live up to Expectations failing to realize their abilities and ideas that can steer economic growth. The energy industry also has the image problem with women. The perception of job opportunities as there is gender discrimination in this area. Most employers would prefer employing a man instead of a woman, leaving the woman on the sidelines feeling less important and worthless. Women are naturally afraid, feeling inferior and having that mentality that men are far better than them in every aspect. Another cause of this gender divide in the energy sector is women fears that the energy sector isn’t safe. Working in a refinery, gas station or other energy areas since there are lots of dangerous products, emissions and gases which affect women’s health especially if they are pregnant. All these believes, couple with other challenges are making it difficult for gender diversity in the technical area of the energy sector.

There is need to create gender diversity in the energy sector as these will boast the morale of women and will allow them to showcase their ideas thus improving the country’s economy. Solutions are in place to tackle the issue the gender divide but have not been effectively implemented which explains the slow rate at which gender diversity rises, So far only ten percent, which is very poor. However there are lots of effective ways at which gender diversity could be implemented which will not only bring progress to the energy sector but also the county’s economy. For effective results, it should be tackled from the grass roots which is the Educational sector. Empowering and educating students on the need for gender diversity in the technical areas of the energy sector and also give them reasons why it is important for them to become professionals in this area. Approximately ninety percent(90%) of female students lack motivation and inspiration, their choices are influenced by their families, peer groups and teachers. Negative comments and Critisms are common reasons why women opt out of going into the energy sector but with effective empowerment in schools and universities it would be Solved. Another way of Stabilising gender stability is to provide financial assistance to female students who are financially Handicapped. The government and non-governmental organizations would play an active role in these areas. Lastly, policies should be set aside by the government and measures to make sure that these policies are effectively implemented.

Possible solutions has been outlined to solve the problems of gender diversity in the energy sector but it involves our collective individual and government efforts in order to achieve gender diversity. So all hands should be on deck to make sure that our aim of creating gender diversity in the technical areas of our energy sector is achieved.

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