#Standtall: Introducing Gbemi Cassandra Jayesimi, the female entrepreneur revolutionizing the solar energy sector in Nigeria

July 22, 2015 | By

Cassandra J. PictureGbemi is the Managing Director of ICIMI; a UK-based energy company specialized in delivering low-emission energy solutions globally, with significant presence in Africa, parts of Asia and the Americas.

Under her leadership, ICIMI is developing the first-of-a-kind distributed solar power plants in Nigeria. The 15 MW solar project is the first phase of a 1,000 MW renewable power program that ICIMI will implement in Nigeria by 2020. The program would harness the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol to offset the high capital cost of solar PV power plants and maximise returns on investment while abating greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite sub-Saharan Africa’s endowment of vast renewable energy resources, more than 70% of the population lack access to electricity. Until now, sub-Saharan Africa has failed to take advantage of its immense solar power potential for a variety of reasons including the lack of adequate policy on renewable energy generation, energy under-pricing and insufficient technical capacity, among others. However, the tide is turning and African governments are increasingly looking to the private sector to help meet the continent’s energy needs and optimize its energy mix through market deregulation, robust feed-in-tariffs and other renewable energy and climate-friendly policies. As an independent renewable power producer and developer of carbon offsetting projects focusing on the African continent, ICIMI understands the intricacies of the new emerging energy markets in Africa.

“We believe distributed renewable generation is a promising solution to Africa’s domestic energy market”, “The threat of climate change is serious and the opportunity to use renewable resources is tremendous. Therefore the world needs to put a price on carbon and eliminate fossil fuel subsidies to mitigate the dire effects of carbon emissions and make renewable energy investment palatable to energy investors”, says Gbemi.

Are there women you know that should be introduced as champions in the energy sector? Women who are or ought to be seen as role models for younger female energy professionals (or would be)? Let us know who ‘your’ champions are and why you have nominated them.


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