#Standtall: Under-representation of women in the energy sector; factors, manifestations and probable solution.

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#Standtall: Under-representation of the feminine gender in the energy sector; factors, manifestations and probable solutions.

Critically observing, nowadays, the feminine genders were not found as their masculine counterparts in the various energy sectors, especially the technical areas, What are the factors responsible for this?, What are the effects or manifestations? And, What are the probable solutions that can be preferred?.

Foremost, the major factor responsible for the absenteeism of women in the energy sector is their under-education, females of nowadays were poorly educated, in the sense that, they merely proceeds for university studies after their secondary school education , in some cases due to their waywardness and in most cases, due to their parents’ unwillingness to sponsor them, because, they widely believe in an acronym- WEEK (i.e. Women Education Ends in Kitchen). Infact, one in a million of the females studies to the level of attaining a p.h.d certificate, while this cankerworm idea is spreading at an alarming rate, the feminine genders cannot be fully represented in the various energy sectors.

Secondly, the women’s potentials were not considered by many people, including their parents. People’s believe is that, females are non-gifted and mentally dormant. Therefore, leading to under utilization of their talents. If this hallucinating idea is not recognized as nothing but mere imagination, women cannot still be found en masse in the various sectors. Though, they are naturally weak, but yet they can use their intelligence in helping develop the energy sectors, they should not be regarded as the second class citizens.

Furthermore, after these factors have been identified, undoubtedly, they are effective on the absenteeism of women in the energy sector. Since women are under-educated, it is never impossible for somebody with secondary school leaving certificate to be found in offices or posts of high portfolio, they are either found luckily as office assistants or mere garden sweeper. Conclusively, the major effect is their absenteeism in these energy sectors.

After all, since all these factors and their effects were known, their are some probable solutions that can be proffered to solve these problems. They are;

One, women should try as much as possible to study hard and proceed after their secondary education to the university, after these, they should try and have their masters degree, then, p.h.d as well. If this issue of under-education is reproached, I bet, women will be found en masse in the various energy sectors.

Two, people should stop underrating them, especially their parents. Their potentials, talents or qualities should be identified and promoted. Likewise, they, themselves should believe in their capability to do various things that people believes they cannot do.

In conclusion, since it is known that a bird cannot fly with one wing, women should also be fully represented in the energy sector.

And, my advice to all females is, while your mates are sitting, you should be standing, and, while others are standing, try to be outstanding. Bye.

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