#Standtall;Under representation of women in the energy sector and solutions to them

April 12, 2015 | By

There are only 5% of executive boards seats that are held by women and less than 50% of women that are engaged in the energy sector in the society today and the engineering profession is dominated by men. And the major factor behind this under representation of women is mainly because of the discouragement from our parents and even the society telling us that women will still end up as house wives and should engage in a less lucrative job unfortunately this is the bitter truth because women need to have time to take care of their households. But things are changing now we are in the 21st century there are women who have engaged into the energy sector sector and they are successful in their business and also in their homes.

Another reason for this under representation of women is the fact that some women lack self confidence they feel its a man’s job and should not engage in it. They do not believe they have the strength to engage in the energy sector.

These issues can be addressed by enlightening these younger women by an older mentor on the challenges they might face in the energy sector and  how to overcome these challenges because these younger women just need a word of encouragement from an older mentor in order to consider the industry. If this is achieved the younger women in the energy sector will be encouraged to participate in the energy sector. The society also has to be enlightened especially our parents because some of us take them as our role models and they can provide guidance to help overcome challenges in the energy sector for those that are aspiring to engage in the energy sector.

There are other solutions that the government and also influential people in the society can do to help increase the number of women in the energy sector by increasing the number of membership groups in the society that help to focus discussions and opportunities for the younger women,these membership groups should also show a proof that shares the stories of women who have already built careers in the energy sector. An example is Gwen Parry-Jones who is the first female station director of a nuclear power station in the united kingdom and she has been in the industry for the past 25 years now,this kind of proof can help encourage younger women. If the percentage of women in the energy sector is not increased sooner or later  women will be completely eradicated from the engineering profession and dreams and hopes of this younger women of being a female engineer or engaging in the energy sector will be shattered. We should all be made to understand that this not only a man’s job but it is a man’ job as well as a woman’ job, Women should not be made to feel left out because they also have equal right as the men in the energy sector. We need women in energy sector because they are reliable and responsible as well as the men. Well i hope to see a better world where women will have better opportunities to engage in the energy sector.

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