UPCOMING EVENT: SRM is Calling All Nigerian Women and Youth Organizations to #STANDTALL

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Social Responsibility Managers (SRM) is mobilizing Nigerian women and youth to advocate for (equal) opportunities in the energy sector labour market.

The lack of the appropriate knowledge, skills and expertise demanded on the energy labour market means that a significant population of the youth in the country cannot be engaged in the sector. Like the rest of the ECOWAS region, the country’s female population is even more at a disadvantage[1].

Recognizing that youth empowerment in energy is necessary if the country is to secure a sustainable energy future, SRM is organizing a 1-day #STANDTALL advocacy campaign for the inclusion and active participation of the nation’s young male and female population in expanding energy access in the country.

This advocacy campaign is aligned with the ECOWAS Youth Policy, which identifies “Participation in policy formulation, decision making, leadership, and development at local and national levels” as a right of young women and men who are citizens of the ECOWAS region[2].

The advocacy campaign will include a half-day workshop where representatives of the Solar Sisters, GIZ and the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) will be revealing how young Nigerians may penetrate the private and public sectors of the energy industry.

For more information about the campaign in Nigeria contact: Mrs. Titilayo Soremi at titi.obisesan@gmail.com



[1] Concept Note: ECOWAS Initiative on Youth Leadership Development in Energy

[2] ECOWAS Youth Policy


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