Inception workshop

 Inception Workshop for the project to develop the ECOWAS Policy for Gender Mainstreaming in Energy Access. In February 2015, ECREEE, the African Development Bank, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) kicked off a project to develop the pioneering regional policy on Gender and Energy. 



 #Standtall Campaign Video. In March 2015, ECREEE launched a campaign to raise awareness of the underutilized potential of women in STEM  fields and how this impacts negatively on female work-force participation in the energy sector.

 think again

 THINK AGAIN is a film produced by ECREEE on women who have made it as leaders in the energy sector in West Africa. The video documentary goes beyond the common understanding of gender and energy issues by replacing the traditional story of women as victims in energy development with stories of women as influential contributors to improving energy access.

Also available in Abridged Version and Teaser.

 vef 2015_2

 Gender Mainstreaming at the Vienna Energy Forum The video presents the explicit efforts that were made to gender mainstream the VEF. Focus was not only on gender balance of participants and speakers, but also on reflecting gender dimensions during panel discussions side events, marketing and advocacy material.