Winners of the ECOWAS Youth Gender and Energy Writing Contest

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Leading to now, we can all say that it has been a journey for each of our twenty-something young authors. These young women and men, in response to our call for articles, submitted brilliant write-ups that have got us thinking of new strategies for achieving the objectives of closing the gender gap, especially as it concerns energy production and supply in West Africa.

In general, our young authors, comprising of an almost equal number of men and women, presented thoughtful, persuasive and action-provoking solutions to addressing the issues of women being under-represented in the technical areas of the energy sector.

You have each validated and solidified our vision to have African youth leading the transformation for gender equality and inclusive growth in the energy sector.

The three winners of the competition

Following selection of the five finalists, i.e. authors whose articles received the highest votes through social media platforms, the six members of the jury have worked to identify those whose articles satisfied the criteria for the winning articles. These include:

  • Providing an in-depth analysis on the issue of women being under-represented in the technical areas of the energy sector and the driving factors;
  • Identifying possible solutions to addressing the issues identified;
  • Evaluating the likely outcomes from each of the alternative solutions identified;
  • Recommending and providing justifications for the solution(s) given.

Based on these criteria, we are pleased to announce the following authors as our three winners:

The remarks from the evaluators include:

“Very good analysis with sources which are provided throughout the essay for justification purposes. Attractive writing; good structure; reader friendly.”

A well-researched article… the solutions proposed are logical and implementable. The author makes use of examples – real-life examples. Well done!”

Coming in first place is Etido Elijah, the Jury’s favourite with a score of 82%. Some remarks on Mr. Elijah’s article on ‘Terminating Gender Based Discrimination and Revamping the Energy Sector with Female Professionals in West Africa’ include:

 “An excellent explanation on the situation, with reference to statistic and existing studies – citation and literature.”

 “An excellent job done by the author as valid, reasonable solutions were proposed”.

 “A brilliant job; the author did his/her research. The effort shows. Well done.”

His work has earned him the grand prize of US$ 500.

Each of these three winning articles would be featured in the ECREEE newsletter and gender e-newsletter.


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